Instructor: Uma Ramakrishnan
Time: 10.15 - 11.30 AM
Duration of the course:
15th Feb 2018 to 10th May 2018
Days: Tuesday/Thursday
Credits: 3
Class Room: LH2 (Langra)
Course Outline:

We will revisit the basic concepts of evolution, including the history of evolutionary thought and evidence for evolution, the theory of natural selection, speciation and macro-evolution/history of life. We will then delve more deeply into micro-evolutionary processes and population genetics, including an understanding of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, understanding how selection, mutation, migration and drift impact allele frequencies, and finally how we can possibly put all these micro-evolutionary forces together. This class will require knowledge of basic algebra.

The first part of the course will last four weeks (evolution) while the second part (population genetics) will last seven weeks. Each week will include two 1.25 hour sessions. Typically, one session maybe a lecture and the second will focus on problem-solving/paper discussion. There will be an assignment every week, due the next week.

Course Requirements: Students must have already taken a Basic Biology course.
Course Term: Jan Term - 2018
Course Year: 2017/2018